Three in Norway. By two of them

In 1880 three Englishmen went on a hunting and fishing trip to East Jotunheimen, and two years later they published an account of their experiences. It came out anonymously in London in 1882 and they called it “Three in Norway. By two of them”.

“Three in Norway” is a travelogue out of the ordinary. We are spared for detailed descriptions of landscapes and travel routes. We are instead served numerous somewhat ironic depictions of Norway and its people and their customs and eating habits. The authors often write in a rather disrespectful manner and offer readers grotesque exaggerations, yet the point in such instances is that the reader will recognize a given example as an exaggeration.

In this regard, they provide readers a clear message in their introduction: “… if we have occasionally exaggerated ever so slightly here and there, it is because our friends in their quiet wisdom always tend to subtract about 33 percent whenever we give an account of our hunting and fishing adventures, such that we in the interest of the truth must add an equivalent amount in advance so that the end result will be correct”.