Besseggen ridge
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Here you will find a complete guide that covers accommodation, food, and other activities. All of the information is written and maintained by local businesses by Besseggen.

Most people that hike Besseggen takes the ferry inwards the Gjende lake, before they start the mountain climb. The Gjende ferry starts from the dock at Gjendesheim every morning, and goes to Memurubu. It is by Memurubu that the hike begins. You can also choose to hike Besseggen the other way around, starting at Gjendesheim or Bessheim. You will end up at Memurubu, and then you take the ferry back to Gjendesheim.

Besseggen hike trail


Around Besseggen you will find 7 different accommodation options that varies from tent camping sites, high standard camping sites and mountain hotels with rental rooms with bath.

There exists many different accommodation options beside Besseggen, and you have the choice between room rentals and camping out in nature. The tourist lodges Gjendebu, Memurubu, Gjendesheim, Hindsæter and Bessheim all have room rentals.

At Besseggen Mountainpark Maurvangen, Bessheim and Sjodalen Hyttetun have cabin rentals and camping sites.
All these sites are good starting points for hiking Besseggen.

Flowers growing by the Gjende lake


Get more information about Besseggen, packing list tips, and historical information.

On our information page you will find packing list tips, and other good to know information for the hike. There is also historic information about Besseggen, such as excerpts from Henrik Ibsen's book Peer Gynt, aswell as local history about Jo Gjende and Gjendine Slålien.

Bicycling near Besseggen


Mountain biking, rafting, mountain trout fishing, mountain climbing and many other activities

The area surrounding Besseggen has fantastic nature, with multiple activities for everyone. Many visitors in the area often spend an extra day here.

Picture of the mountain Knutshø near Besseggen


Get information about other hikes in the area such as Bukkelægret, Knutshø, and Nautgardstind.

There are many other hikes that you can take in the nearby area that range from easy to hard. Many have hiked Besseggen already, or wish to hike more alone. Why not try a new hike this time? See our list of all the other hikes in the area.

Picture showing the mountain Besseggen during winter

Winter by Besseggen

Open tourist lodges, new ski tracks, and equipment for rent.

Some of the best hikes are done during the winter using cross country skiis. For a proper long and demanding hike, then we suggest trying the Haute Route Jotunheimen. We also suggest trying dog mushing and fatbikes. You can rent equipment at Gjendesheim, Bessheim, and Hindsæter for mountain skiis, randonnée skiis, cross country skiis, snowshoes, and fatbikes.

Picture showing food being served at Memurubu near Besseggen


In the proximity of Besseggen there are many farms in the local towns as Vågå, Lom and Otta where alot of exciting produce is made.

The food tastes better after a long day hiking in the mountains. By Besseggen you will find food and commodities of the highest quality. We have experienced chefs that are passionate about cooking, and the produce is locally sourced. Venison meat from deer that wanders in Jotunheimen, potatoes, vegetables and herbs from local farms, mountain trout from local fishing waters, berries from the nature and other tasteful things. Check our listings for what the different restaurants have to offer, and you wont be disappointed.

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Video from Besseggen

Slik er turen over Besseggen