Walks and activities - Besseggen

Mountain biking

Nice trips on routes around Nedre Sjodalsvatnet Lake and into Griningsdalen Valley.


Rafting in Sjoa

Sjoa is one of the most famous rafting rivers in Norway.

besseggen rafting


Trout fishing

You may purchase a permit for trout fishing in the entire Sjodalen/Gjende area. There are also nice fishing spots all along the Sjoa River!


Synshorn Via Ferrata

Ready for a breathtaking adventure 400 meters above the ground – at the top of Norway? Synshorn Via Ferrata is a short ride from Besseggen and let’s you safely scale nyw heights in company with trained guides. No prior experience neccesary.

Meet mr and mrs Moose

At picturesque Glittersjå Mountain Farm you may feed and befriend charming farm animals in spectacular surroundings. Overlooking magnificent Jotunheimen National Park, Glittersjå is also home to an Elk family accustomed to daily feeding frenzies in close encounter with visitors of all ages. Get to experience the largest mammals in Norway in their favourite  territory. A memory for life!

Slik er turen over Besseggen