Sail & hike Besseggen

Most visitors embark on the popular ferries Gjende in order to access the world famous Besseggen hike.

The Gjende ferries leave from the harbour next to Gjendesheim in the morning and take you directly to Memurubu. This is where the full day hike back to Gjendesheim scaling the Besseggen ridge starts.

It is also fully possible to do your hike the other way round: Start walking uphill directly from Gjendesheim or and Bessheim, scramble down the Besseggen ridge and end up at Memurubu, where you board the Gjende ferry and return back to Gjendesheim.


Gjende &  Bessvatnet

Lake Gjende is approximately 20 km long with an average width of about 1 km. The mountain walls climb to nearly 1.300 metres above the lake surface at their highest point. With a maximum depth of 150 metres. Gjende is the deepest lake in 1otunheimen National Park.
The lake was carved by glacial ice.

The high resilient mountain masses to the north and south caused the huge ice masses to be pressed together into a smaller area and the considerable thickness caused the ice to dig so deeply.

The blue green colour occurs due to the washing of many fine glacial particles into Lake Gjende which reflect the daylight. The colour is further accentuated by the fact that Gjende is closely encircled by dark mountainsides and lush green vegetation.

Gjende is a good fishing lake and particularly the outflow at the Gjendeosen river mouth is a popular and sought after fishing spot for many anglers.

Lake Bessvatn is situated at an elevation of 1. 374 metres above sea level and stands in stark contrast to Lake Gjende due to its blue colour. From Bessheim it is about a 5 km walk up to the river mouth, and there is a nice trail all the way. The lake itself is 7 km long and 120 m deep. It has been designated as Norway’s cleanest lake and you can see the bottom even at a depth of 30 metres.


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