Besseggen mountainpark Maurvangen


Tlf: +47 61 23 89 22

We offer 26 cabins, a large year-round campground, shop and restaurant / cafe. Walking distance to Gjende / Gjendeboat.

At Maurvangen you will see both hares, lagopus and other animals around the cabins. And the opportunity to participate in guided hare- or lagopus hunting trips can be an experience for both young and old.

Are you of the kind who would rather enjoy some fishing, then we may be able to show you some nice fishing spots both in, and the area around Maurvangen. The popular fishing river Sjoa runs right straight through our campsite, and there are many who spend the beautiful evening hours along the river.


Restaurant that uses local produce, cafe and store. Newly baked bread everyday(that tastes exquisite after a cold night in a tent), milk, bread topping, and other groceries that people have use for.