Gjendebu Tourist Lodge




Tlf reception +47 476 11 533

Outside of season +47 975 92 292

Gjendebu is DNT’s (The Norwegian Tourist Association) oldest cabin. It was approved for construction in November 1868, just 10 months after the association was founded. In 1871 the first cabin was completed, it was 45 square metre large and accommodated about 12 tourists.

Gjendebu offers accommodations in the middle of the Jotunheimen National Park on the west side of Gjende 990 MASL. Gjendebu is situated on a old farm site that has kept much of its old charm since it was a farmstead.


Breakfast: Served between 07.30 and 09.30.
Dinner: Usually served at 18.30. It lasts until everyone has eaten. The lodge serves food basert on local traditions, local food traditions or food delivered from local producers. DNT works i cooperation with the agriculture and food department of Norway to promote local food and food tradition on all of our DNT lodges.